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Gentle Caesarean Checklists

We've got you covered through all stages of this thing called caesarean birth. We've crafted three thought-provoking checklist that will empower you to own your birth experience, enhance your postpartum preparations and embrace a smoother recovery.

"What I really want is to..."

Feel confident and prepared navigating my breastfeeding journey. 

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Approach birth with a the tools to support and compliment my body.

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Find out how to make decisions from a place of power during pregnancy. 

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Imagine how much easier life would be having tailored, easily digestible education right at your fingertips? 

Think about how much time and energy you would save.

How much less overwhelming all of the conflicting information in pregnancy would be.

That is why Navigating from bump to baby is an evidence-based, women-centred course created by a Midwife with women in mind. 

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Pregnancy is the time to foster support, build connection and get informed. That is why I have created Seasons of Birth.   

As a Registered Midwife, Nurse and Calmbirth educator, I have been able to simply be with women and their families. I have learnt about the power of knowledge and about the difference support can make. But also how impactful our preconceived expectations, whether relevant or not, can be. Not only on how we experience pregnancy but on how we fear the unknowns. I know this because I felt my own fear building whenever thinking about pregnancy and birth for myself.  


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